🐚 Client

  • Lightweight language wrappers around Rust/Go core
    • JavaScript/TypeScript
    • Python
    • Swift
    • Ruby
  • Implements check and enforce commands
    • check quickly verifies assertions, e.g. don't execute if over budget
    • enforce provides async verification over longer windows, e.g. require user approval to be collected
  • Support for local/embedded or remote engine
    • Embedded engine allows check without network connection
    • Remote engine provides centralized manage and control of rules

⚙️ Engine

  • Evalute Rules either locally or remote
    • Local for edge compute, testing, and single-tenant applications
    • Remote allows distributed and remote coordination
  • Perform Actions in accordance to Plans
    • Dispatches WASM or containers for execution
    • Capture results and side effects to be used by Rules
  • Durable storage for Plan and enforce calls
    • Execute Actions using either WASM or containers
  • Signed decision chains skip the guesswork on why an Action was taken
    • Audit logs satisfy compliance requirements
    • Budgets allow LLM-backed applications to deliver high quality UX with scalable costs
What is Multiparty?